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Founded by the Dutch in 1810, Bandung became important with the arrival of the railroad in the late 19th cent. It is the center of cultural life for the Sundanese and surrounded by beautiful scenery. It is a center for the study and preservation of Sundanese culture and an educational center. Bandung has served for popular weekend-break destination for people living in Jakarta for many reasons. The cooler climate of highland plantation area, the varieties of food, the cheaper fashion shops located in factory outlets and distros, golf courses, and the friendliness of local people have become the main attraction of the city.

Heritage architecture

The modern and native architectural blending was followed by several Dutch architects that have shaped the city landmarks.

gedung sate* Gedung Sate, the building is called because of its unique distinguished small satay shaped structure on the roof, and used as the head office of West Java provincial government and West Java's house of representative. Established in 1920 as Gouverments Bedrijven (GB). Location: Diponegoro Street.

itb* Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) is the oldest university in Indonesia. In 1920 has established as Technische Hogeschool te Bandung (THB) which for a short time, in the middle forties, became Kogyo Daigaku. In 1959, the present lnstitut Teknologi Bandung was founded by the Indonesian government as an institution of higher learning of science, technology, and fine arts, with a mission of education, research, and service to the community. The ITB main campus, to the north of the town centre, and its other campuses, cover a total area of 770,000 square meters. Location: Ganesha 10 Street.

bhoman* Sovoy Homann Bidakara Hotel, has been maintained as the city's landmark hotel. The oldest part of the hotel dates back 1880. In 1938 the Savoy Homann Bidakara Hotel got its new design, the classic Art Deco design. Some of the rooms have been left in original state, and offer the unique experience of staying in exactly the same room that Charlie Chaplin stayed in 1925. In 1955, the Asian African Conference was held in the nearby Merdeka Building. There, leaders of Third World countries on initiative of Indonesia's first president Sukarno, established the alliance of non-aligned countries. Many of the Third World leaders stayed at the Savoy Homann, so next to Nasser and Ho Chi Minh, it can be your turn to enjoy the unique ambiance of this place. The colonial history makes a stay in the Savoy Homann a unique experience. Location: Asia Afrika Street No. 112.

dwi warna* Gedung Dwi Warna, was Indische Pensioenfondsen, built in 1940. It used for Asian-African Conference secretariat in 1955. Located on Diponegoro Street No. 59.

kantor pos bandung* Kantor Pos Besar Kota Bandung, Post office. Location: Asia Afrika Street.

frredom bulding* Gedung Merdeka (Independence Building) which hosted the first Asian African Conference also known as the Bandung Conference in 1955. Built in 1895 for a club house for rich people, named the Concordia Society. In 1921, Societeit Concordia Building was rebuilt in a more functional and structural modern architecture (Art Deco) by designer C. P Wolff Schoemaker. It was renovated again in 1940 with new international style architecture with the help of Architect A. F Aalbers. Now it is a museum for that conference. Location: Asia Afrika Street No. 65.

* Gedung Pakuan (Pakuan Building), established in 1864 as Gubernur Jenderal Ch.F. Pahud instruction and finished in 1867. The architectural style is Indische Empire Stijl (Gaya Empire Hindia). Now is used as West Java Governour residential. Location: Otto Iskandardinata Street No.1

bandung lautan api* Monumen Bandung Lautan Api (Bandung of Fire Monument), in 1946, facing the return of the Colonial Dutch to Indonesia, citizens chose to burn down their beloved Bandung.. This monument is the tallest monument in Bandung, 5,4 m. Location: Otto Iskandardinata Street, Tegallega.

musium geologi* Museum Geologi Bandung, the building itself has an art-deco style, built in 1928 by a Dutch architect Wnalda van Scholtwenburg. It houses 250.000 rocks and mineral collection, and 60.000 fossils. There are 3 major rooms in the museums: the geology of Indonesia, the history of life and the geology of human life. Location: Diponegoro Street No. 57 (near Gedung Sate complex).

boscha* Bosscha Observatorium, built in 1923 by Nederlandsch-Indische Sterrekundige Vereeniging (Assoc. of Dutch-Indies Astronomers) is the only observatorium in Indonesia. It lies in Lembang. Location: Jl. Peneropongan Bintang, Lembang.

Museum in Bandung

Asia-Afrika Museum Jl. Asia-Afrika 65
In the east wing of Gedung Merdeka. About Asia African Conference 1955.
Open : 08.00 - 14.00
Geology Museum Jl. Diponegoro 57
About volcano logy, dinosaurs fossil, and java man (pithecantropus erectus) fossil, which founded in East Java, 1896.
Open : 09.00 - 13.00
For more information about Geology Museum Click Here!
Mandala Wangsit Siliwangi Museum Jl. Lembong 38
World war II weapons, Independence history, etc.
Open : 09.00 - 14.00
West Java Government Museum
Jl. Otto Iskandardinata 638
West Java history, slate, ancient kingdom, etc.
Open : 08.00 - 16.00
Post Museum
Jl. Cisanggarung
In the wing of Gedung Sate. History of post materials, old stamp collection, etc.
Open : 09.00 - 13.00

Natural Sceneries
There are some side trips to the mountain range surrounding Bandung:

* North:
Mount Tangkuban Perahu Crater, located in Lembang. Tangkuban Perahu is actually an active volcanic crater. It is a favorite weekend break destination at the base of the mountain with hiking trail. You can stay at Sari Ater, a natural hot spring water complex, or rent a villa. In the vicinity, Maribaya park offers a wonderful waterfall traps

Ciater Hot Springs is renowned for its hot springs which can help relieve rheumatic pains and many locals as well as visitors choose to come here, especially at weekends, to enjoy the hot baths. The hot springs complex is spread over five hectares and is equipped with lockable cubicles. For those who wish to stay longer, bungalows are available.

* South:

Tea plantation, Ciwidey and Pangalengan are the main destination to the south mountains. Situ Patenggang Lake in the middle of tea plantation in Ciwidey offers you a relax time in a boat, fishing, camping or in a bungalow. A few kilometers from the lake, there is Kawah Putih (white crater), made by sulfuric activity in the area with a camping park, called Ranca Upas.

Situ Patenggan Lake is a beautiful natural lake located in the Rancabali tea plantation in Ciwidey, about 47 km south of bandung. Only one hour drive from the capital city. Situ Patenggan Lake is must for visitors who love nature. There is also camping site at the lake.

Kawah Putih is a beautiful volcanic crater with truly incredible panoramic with snow. The Kawah Putih crater is located near the town Ciwidey, only one-hour drive from bandung, about 47 km south of the capital city.

Cipanas Hot Springs is just one hour drive from Bandung, situated about 6 km to the north of Garut at the foot of Mount Guntur. Highly popular especially with foreign visitors perhaps because of the widest range of natural hot springs in all of West java. In additional, Cipanas provides visitors with the chance to enjoy fishing as well as many choices of accomodation.

* West:
Chalk mountain range. There is not much nature destination in the west, except Situ Ciburuy lake at the side of the main road hub to Cianjur and the Saguling dam. You might also want to taste peyeum, a local food made from fermented rice. If you are hungry, there are plenty of good Sundanese restaurants in the vicinity, because the road to the west is the main hub between Bandung to Jakarta.

* East:
A link of Bandung to the eastern part of West Java and to neighboring Central Java province. You can go to Cirebon (about 2-3 hours), a coastal city known for fishing and oil industries.


Jl. Suryalaya Indah 1-3

Jl. Batununggal Indah 149
Phone: (022)7560200

Holiday Iin
Jl. Ir.H.Djuanda 33

Puri Pakuan
Jl.Ciumbuleuit 197

Horison Hotel

Jl.Setiabudi 438


Jl. Ir.H.Juanda 3

Grand Entertainment
Jl.Gatot Subroto 289

Jl.Batuninggal Indah IX/11

Bandung Amusement
Jl.Soekarno Hatta 289

Bandung Super Mall (BSM)
Jl. Gatot Subroto

Whatever game of golf you enjoy, the mountainous countryside around Bandung makes golfing a real pleasure and challenge, and two of the province's most exciting golf courses are the Jatinangor Golf Club and the Dago Pakar Golf & Country Club

Pt. Dago Indah

Jl.Lap. Golf 78

Arcamanik Endah
Jl. Lap. Arcamanik

Siliwangi Driving Range
Jl. Belitung

Bandung Indah
Jl. Lanud Sulaiman Bdg

Jl. Raya Lembang-Subang

Bandung Giri Gahana
Jl. Raya Jatinagor

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